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BuyOnlineNow.com has privacy filters in stock! Work without worrying about the security of your on-screen data. Only persons directly in front of the privacy filter see a clear screen. From the side, others see a dark, blank screen. 3M Privacy Filters are HIPAA Compliant.

Every year, U.S. company secrets worth an estimated $250 billion are stolen due to indiscreet business practices. A privacy filter can help keep your data secure in and out of the office.
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Privacy Filters for Laptop, Notebook, LCD Monitors
3M™ Notebook/LCD Privacy Computer Filters are available in sizes to fit most notebook and LCD monitors. They now come with a new easy-on, easy-off attachment system. Patented 3M microlouver technology blacks out screen images from a side view so images are visible only to persons directly in front of the screen. 3M Privacy Filters will not blur or distort the image on the screen. Anti-radiation models like the MMMEF180C4F reduce static and block up to 99.9% of ELF/VLF E-field radiation, when properly grounded. Lifetime warranty.

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