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Baumgarten's has remained a family business since its establishment in 1948. Today, the fourth-generation Baumgarten family is maintaining their tradition of supplying high quality products. stocks close to 100 Baumgarten's office supplies, including landyards, ID card reels, name badges, and more.
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Baumgartens Disposable Apron
Disposable Apron, Polypropylene, White, 100 Per Pack

Baumgartens Digital Timer
Digital Timer, 1 Per Pack, White

Baumgartens Translucent Timer
Translucent Timer, 1 Per Pack, Blue

Baumgartens Metal Magnetic Hooks
Metal Magnetic Hooks, 2 Per Pack, White

Baumgartens Magentic Tape
Magentic Tape With Dispenser, .75" x 15'
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