Letter Folders by Martin Yale Industries

Martin Yale produces table-top office and mailroom equipment including automatic letter folders. Martin Yale was founded in the 1940 and has over 75 years of experience designing, engineering, and manufacturing quality products for the office.
Martin Yale Letter Folders
Model / Fold Style Letter
Half Fold Z-Fold Double Parallel Right Angle Gate Engine-
Church Fold Sheets
Per Hour
P6200 Electric
Letter Folder
X 1,800
P6400 Desktop
Letter/Half Folder
X X 2,200
P7200 Electric
Letter Folder
X X 4,000
7400 Rapidfold
X X X X 4,000
CV-7 Autofolder X X X X 7,500
1611 Ease-of-Use
X X X X X 9,000
1711 Ease-of-Use
X X X X X 9,000
1217A Medium-Duty
X X X X X 10,300
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