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SAF4050 Image
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Safco HideAway Folding Collapsible Convertible Hand & Platform Truck
HideAway Folding Collapsible Convertible Hand & Platform Truck, 400 lb. Capacity, Aluminum
Item #: SAF4050
Need 5+ (details)
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SAF4071 Image
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Safco Tuff Truck Economy Hand Truck
Tuff Truck Economy Hand Truck, 400-lb. Capacity, Black Enamel Finish
Item #: SAF4071
Need 8+ (details)
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Safco Two-Wheel Steel Hand Truck
Two-Wheel Steel Hand Truck, Loop Handle, 500-lb. Capacity, Red
Item #: SAF4084R
Need 3+ (details)
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Safco Stow-Away Heavy Duty Hand Truck
Stow-Away Heavy Duty Hand Truck, 23"W x 16"D Toe Plate, 500 lb. Capacity, Silver
Item #: SAF4055NC
Need 3+ (details)
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Safco StowAway Collapsible Hand Truck
StowAway Collapsible Hand Truck, 275 Lb. Capacity, Aluminum
Item #: SAF4062
Need 6+ (details)
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Safco HideAway Collapsible Hand Truck
HideAway Collapsible Hand Truck, 250 Lb. Capacity, Aluminum
Item #: SAF4061
Need 9+ (details)
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Rubbermaid Commercial Heavy-Duty Platform Truck Cart
Heavy-Duty Platform Truck Cart, 1000 lb. Capacity, 24"W x 48"D Platform, Black
Item #: RCP443600BK
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CSC12312ABL1E Image
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Cosco 3-in-1 Convertible Truck
3-in-1 Convertible Truck, 800-1000 lb. Capacity, 20-1/2"W x 21-1/4"D x 47-4/5"H, Aluminum
Item #: CSC12312ABL1E
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$290.36 $281.48
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Safco Hand Truck
Hand Truck, Convertible, 8" Rubber Wheels, 18-1/2" x 12" x 52", Black
Item #: SAF4070
Need 7+ (details)
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Safco Convertible Heavy Duty Hand Truck
Convertible Heavy Duty Hand Truck, 500 Lb. 2 Wheel, 600 Lb. 4 Wheel, Red
Item #: SAF4086R
Need 3+ (details)
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Advantus Eight Way Cart
Eight Way Cart, Holds Up To 500 Pounds
Item #: AVT86201
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$176.39 $172.79
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Safco Stow-Away Platform Truck
Stow-Away Platform Truck, 24"W x 35-1/4"D Platform, 1000 lb. Capacity, Silver
Item #: SAF4053NC
Need 3+ (details)
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Safco Small Platform Truck
Small Platform Truck, Tuff Truck Series, Steel Frame, Gray, Black Trim
Item #: SAF4072
Need 10+ (details)
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Safco Large Platform Truck
Large Platform Truck, Tuff Truck Series, Steel Frame, Gray, Black Trim
Item #: SAF4063
Need 7+ (details)
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Safco Folding Caddy
Folding Caddy, 50 Pound Capacity, 16-1/2" x 3-1/2"-14-1/2" x 39", Black
Item #: SAF4054BL
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Dolly carts are the ideal device to easily move heavy cartons, appliances, furniture and more. BuyOnlineNow offers a wide variety of dolly carts in different shapes and sizes to best suit your needs. Free shipping when you purchase $49 worth of merchandise.
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