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Rapid Rapid Super Duty Easy Loading Heavy Duty Stapler
Rapid Super Duty Easy Loading Heavy Duty Stapler, 220 Sheets, Black
Item #: RPD73140
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Rapid Heavy Duty Flat Clinch Staple Cartridge
Heavy Duty Flat Clinch Staple Cartridge, For Rapid 5050 Electric Stapler, 5000 Staples Per Cartridge
Item #: RPD73158
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Rapid F30 Flat Clinch Half Strip Stapler
F30 Flat Clinch Half Strip Stapler, 30 Sheet Capacity, Black
Item #: RPD76082
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Rapid Classic 1 Plier Stapler
Classic 1 Plier Stapler, 50 Sheet Capacity, Chrome
Item #: RPD90119
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Rapid S50 High-Capacity SuperFlatClinch Desktop Stapler
S50 High-Capacity SuperFlatClinch Desktop Stapler, 50 Sheet Capacity, Black
Item #: RPD5000598
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Rapid S1 SuperFlatClinch Standing Stapler
S1 SuperFlatClinch Standing Stapler, 30 Sheet Capacity, Black and Red
Item #: RPD73272
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Rapid Leitz Heavy Duty Cartridge Stapler
Leitz Heavy Duty Cartridge Stapler, 80 Sheet Capacity, Silver
Item #: RPD02892
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Rapid 20EX Front-Loading Electric Stapler
20EX Front-Loading Electric Stapler, 20 Sheet Capacity, Blue & Gray
Item #: RPD73126
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Rapid Heavy-Duty 70 Stapler
Heavy-Duty 70 Stapler, Up To 70 Sheets, 2-1/4" Adjustable Throat, Black
Item #: RPD73159
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Rapid Eco Plier Stapler
Eco Plier Stapler, 20 Sheet Capacity, Black & Silver
Item #: RPD73280
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Rapid FM32 Flat Clinch Full-Strip Stapler
FM32 Flat Clinch Full-Strip Stapler, 30 Sheets, Black
Item #: RPD76071
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Rapid Electric 5080 Heavy Duty Flat Clinch Electric Stapler
Electric 5080 Heavy Duty Flat Clinch Electric Stapler, 90 Sheet Capacity, Black
Item #: RPD90147
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Rapid 5050 Heavy Duty Flat Clinch Stapler
5050 Heavy Duty Flat Clinch Stapler, Uses 5000 Staple Cassette, Up To 50 Sheets, Putty
Item #: RPD73157
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Rapid 5025e Superior Cartridge Electric Stapler
5025e Superior Cartridge Electric Stapler, 25-Sheet Capacity, Blue
Item #: RPD90008
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Rapid HD130 Heavy Duty Stapler
HD130 Heavy Duty Stapler, 130 Sheet Capacity, Black
Item #: RPD73110
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Considered one of the world's leading specialists in the design and manufacture of desktop staplers and more. Rapid brand products have fulfilled the market's need for stapling for over 60 years.