Smead Made-to-Order Custom Folders

Smead can provide custom made products with printing.
Many Smead products can be custom printed to better serve a particular function. Company logos, forms special tab headings and handling instructions are common uses for custom printing.

Smead can design special made merchandise.
If you have a filing application that has unique requirements, Smead can assist in designing products that best satisfy your needs.
Smead Custom Folders
How To Order
As every Smead custom folder order is unique, our staff will work with Smead to help you to create a custom folder that suits your needs. If you to would like to place a new order or need to re-order a Smead custom folder, please contact us by phone at 1-888-718-1134 or by email at or try the Folder Designer made by Smead.
Smead Custom Folders
Folder Types Minimum Order Quantity
Folders - Letter/Legal/Special Sizes
Top tab or end tab, reinforced or non-reinforced

500 per color & tab position
Pressboard Folders
Letter/Legal/Special Sizes
Top tab or end tab, with or without partitions, all colors

100 per color
Folders with W-Fold
Top tab or end tab, reinforced or non-reinforced

500 per color & tab position
Folders, 3-panel
All materials and sizes

100 per color
Hanging Folders 500 per color
File Pockets, Wallets (5-pc)
All sizes, multiple fold expansion (accordion style)

500 per color
File Jackets, Wallets (1-pc), Flat
All sizes, manila, kraft & colors

500 per color
Color Code Products
Individual labels applied
Strip labels applied

Binder Covers - Pressboard 100 per color
Brief Covers - Manila/Kraft/Colors 500 per color
Portfolios - Special Sizes
Print on stock item

500 per color
Guides and Guide Sets

X-Ray Jackets 1,000 per color
Vinyl Products 1,000
Poly Products 2,000-3,000
Casebinders 500 per color
File Backs
Self Adhesive
Not Self Adhesive

Indexes and Index Sets 100 Sets
Strip Labels
Labels only
Labels Attached to Folder

Smead Folder Designer Smead Custom Folders
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