3M Privacy Filters

BuyOnlineNow.com has privacy filters in stock! Work without worrying about the security of your on-screen data. Only persons directly in front of the privacy filter see a clear screen. From the side, others see a dark, blank screen. 3M Privacy Filters are HIPAA Compliant.

Every year, U.S. company secrets worth an estimated $250 billion are stolen due to indiscreet business practices. A privacy filter can help keep your data secure in and out of the office.
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Privacy Filters for Laptop, Notebook, LCD Monitors
3M™ Notebook/LCD Privacy Computer Filters are available in sizes to fit most notebook and LCD monitors. They now come with a new easy-on, easy-off attachment system. Patented 3M microlouver technology blacks out screen images from a side view so images are visible only to persons directly in front of the screen. 3M Privacy Filters will not blur or distort the image on the screen and helps protect the display from dirt, debris and scratches.