Antimicrobial Office Supplies

antimicrobial is a substance that kills or slows the growth of microbes like bacteria, fungi, viruses or parasites

Kill 99% of Germs with antimicrobial office supplies.
Antimicrobial Office Supplies
Antimicrobial Office Supplies
Germs On Your Desk
The average work area contains over 10 million germs. Germs can stay active on hard surfaces for days. By using Antimicrobial office supplies you can prevent the growth of these germs. Washing your hands with Antibacterial Soap, and keeping Instant Hand Sanitizer available, can also help to kill the germs that make you sick.

The following diagram shows how many germs are living and growing on the average desktop. Comparing this to only 49 germs per square inch on the average toilet seat really drives home the importance of preventing the growth of bacteria.

Antimicrobial Office Supplies Desk

The best way to prevent sickness, and keep germs out of your work area, is to wash your hands frequently, and use antimicrobial office products. carries over 35,000 items from 100's of manufacturers
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