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KleenGuard - Medical Supplies and Equipment
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KleenGuard A40 Coveralls
A40 Coveralls, Zipper Front, Comfortable, Zipper Front, Breathable, 3-Xtra Large Size, Liquid, Flying Particle Protection, White, 25 Per Carton

KleenGuard A20 Coveralls
A20 Coveralls, Zipper Front, Elastic Back, Wrists & Ankles, Zipper Front, Elastic Wrist & Ankle, Breathable, Comfortable, 3-Xtra Large Size, Flying Particle, Contaminant, Dust Protection, Blue, 20 Per Carton

KleenGuard A10 Breathable Particle Protection Sleeve Protectors
A10 Breathable Particle Protection Sleeve Protectors, 18", White, 200 Per Carton

KleenGuard A40 Liquid & Particle Protection Apron
A40 Liquid & Particle Protection Apron, Film Laminate, White, 28" x 40", 100 Per Carton

KleenGuard A65 Hood & Boot Flame-Resistant Coveralls
A65 Hood & Boot Flame-Resistant Coveralls, Blue, 3XL, 21 Coveralls Per Carton
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