HON laminate furniture in contemporary and traditional styling.

Laminate is composed of multiple layers of paper saturated with resin, and finished with a printed surface. (In recent years, the quality of printing has become so good that it is occasionally hard to distinguish laminate from real wood.) These layers are pressed together under high heat and pressure, creating a solid, solvent and abrasion-resistant material.
HON Laminate Layers
HON laminate desks use top quality ANSI Grade 1M# 45-pound particleboard the best available. The undersides of the laminate worksurfaces are protected by a moisture-resistant "backer sheet." Laminate is the most durable material available for worksurfaces and requires little maintenance. It is highly resistant to dents and scratches, and has a more consistent color and grain than veneer, making it suitable for settings where multiple desks will be placed side by side. It's easy to clean and is excellent for high activity areas. Laminate has a look that approaches veneer, at a fraction of the price.
More HON Laminate Office Furniture Features
Hon Laminate Ballbearings
Ball bearing drawer suspensions
Hon Laminate Edges
Hardwood accented trim
on desk edges
Hon Laminate Drawers
"5-sided" drawers with double-walled fronts
Hon Laminate Locks
Interchangeable lock
cores on files
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