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Any time BuyOnlineNow makes the news, be it for reaching noteworthy sales goals, publicizing big promotions, adding new product lines or for many other reasons, we'll keep a copy of the new article here in our media center. This is not just to "toot our own horn," but to show our customers that we are an office supply dealer that can be trusted to always be growing in all the right directions.
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BuyOnlineNow hopes to impress office supply customers with a fresh look and easy to navigate form on their brand new website redesign.

6/1/2009 - Rochester, MN (PRWEB) June 1, 2009 -- has a new, updated look, and has added many features designed to help provide the best office supply purchasing experience possible for their customers.

BuyOnlineNow - Office Supply Superstore

Those familiar with BuyOnlineNow will immediately notice a big difference, especially in the aesthetics of the site. The homepage uses a similar layout as before, keeping the main office product categories, clearly tabulated at the top of the page and using a straightforward vertical form, but softens the colors and utilizes more images while keeping and organized and easy to look at perspective.

Text is sufficiently sized so that it is clear and easy to read, without being harsh and blocky. Text links have also been changed to a lighter shade of blue which allow them to still be clear and stand out, but still blend in with the overall visage of the page. Manufacturer pages have also taken on a new look, following a fairly uniformed layout, which is meant to help customers easily choose office products from many different manufacturers such as Dymo, Kensington and 3M.

While the looks are the most noticeable difference with the redesigned BuyOnlineNow, they are certainly not the only change that has been made. A new customer center has been created that will help customers manage their order history, account information, shopping lists and more. Also, customers are now able to save their office supply searches, so that when they return to the site, they can easily find and compare the products they are looking for.

Another new feature is the ability to save and manage multiple shipping addresses. This makes it easier for customers who need to ship office supplies and office furniture to multiple destinations. BuyOnlineNow also developed a faster checkout process to further enhance their customer's experience.

The last time BuyOnlineNow conducted a redesign was in 2005 and with internet trends constantly changing and moving faster, it was determined that the time was right to make a change.

Nate Ende, Director of Development at BuyOnlineNow explained the process this way, "There were a lot of things we wanted to accomplish with this new site. Along with the obvious, enhancing the performance of the site, creating a platform that would support our growth, and making the layout more appealing to our users, we wanted to really focus on improving the usability and the overall shopping experience. We knew we had an amazing team of motivated and innovative people, so we leveraged that at every step along the process of creating the new site, from developing the platform all the way through testing and deployment. With most of us being avid online shoppers ourselves, we knew there were a lot of things we could do to enhance our customer's experience and make it a site that better reflected who we are and our commitment to our customers and our industry."

BuyOnlineNow has become as successful as they are by always striving to do better than everyone else, and a big part of this is giving their customer's a safe, comfortable and welcoming place to shop.

About Bob Herman started a small online office supply company in the basement of his home over ten years ago, and after growing at an incredible rate, BuyOnlineNow currently employs over 35 people, and stocks over 100,000 office products in multiple warehouses throughout the United States and Canada. For more information please visit